Job + Dreams = Potential Reality


Friday nights…and who hasn’t watched an episode of Shark Tank and felt the adrenaline and thoughts rush through their minds, “Why, I can do something like THIS!”.

Sheer excitement, right ?!!

Or, perhaps you want to be a professional blogger,  an opera singer, an actor…

Reality typically hits hard on Monday mornings when you find yourself schlepping to work all the while trying to calculate how many pieces of your furniture you would need to sell to buy a one-way ticket to Tahiti.  Sigh….

Luckily, articles like these help put things in perspective!!  Hope this helps !

Have a great day!


It’s Tax Time!


Photo Credit: Max Martinez

Photo Credit: Max Martinez

The tax season is upon us. Yes, tax preparation time. By now you should have received all kinds of fun forms such as your W-2’s,W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, donation receipts, interest and dividend statements, tax credits/exclusions,etc…

And if you’re anything like me in regards to a pile of cryptic paperwork,  you will then proceed with the following steps:

1) Stare at it –  try to make it disappear at will.

2) Blink very rapidly with the  hopes that the next time you flutter your eyes, the entire pile will have magically organized and completed itself.

3) Wait for a phone call from an imaginary third cousin who you expect will say they’ve  just graduated with an advanced Mathematics degree –  and would  just love to do your taxes – for free – in their spare time.

Unfortunately, all of the above methods have been tested – and failed. However, one big thing I have learned (especially if you tend to be a little scatterbrain like me) – is to make sure to gather all forms together – and into ONE  accessible PILE !

Ok, so you don’t have a ‘family accountant’. Your friends are employed in various fields that don’t include working for the IRS. What is a person to do? There are a  few options, but the main two seem to be: You get your taxes done by a firm like H&R Block, or you prepare them yourselves online by using software like TurboTax.

Now, TurboTax has had some issues this year due to fraud.  This WSJ article more than a little annoyed me.  It shows that even though the fraud is due to multiple points of failure – the blame, prevention & resolution has totally been placed upon the shoulders of the consumer. Doesn’t really seem fair .  I am sharing the article with you because it does have a lot of helpful information in it.

Anyway, whichever method you do select in getting your taxes done should be fine –  just make sure they are done by April 15th !!

Good luck everyone!!

Dear Diary… How To Journal in 2014


Photo Credit: The Morgan Library & Museum Photograph of Diary of Sophia Peabody Hawthorne

If you are like me, then your typical day-to-day is recorded in your text messages.

You want to remember what you’ve done in your life, but who has time to write in a diary anymore!?  Just as I was about to sit at my laptop and type out all of my texts, I googled how to save text messages (because as far as I know, there just MUST be an App for anything and everything, right?)  and there found iExplorer to save the day.

Easy instructions,  easy download. You can use it in demo mode or buy a license. I purchased a $35 license (which was the cheapest). You can buy it through credit cards, PayPal, or Amazon. I went with Amazon as I had a gift card received at Christmas (thank you my dear sister!)

The download takes mere seconds, and in the blink of an eye, voila! All of my text messages and pictures were downloaded, transferred and saved in PDF format.

Now, I can print out my “diary” and save it for years to come!

Hope you find this helpful !!! Now go make some more memories and don’t be afraid to text away to your heart’s content !! Have a great day everyone !

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving!

 Stop. Pause. Think.

The day-to-day for many, if not for most of us – is typically filled with what we experience as moments of: “RUSH, stress, frustration, no-time, confusionoverwhelmed“.

During such moments, it is extremely hard to feel any sense of gratefulness, let alone give thanks or demonstrate any expression of appreciation.

Most of my days are such a whirlwind, that in a typical 24-hour day I probably spend more time venting, pushing, planning, absorbing, strategizing, and working, that I end up feeling anxious and exhausted. At that point, the mysterious, angelic precursor to gratefulness that we call “patience” is pretty much nil.  Actually, not unlike a stick of dynamite at the end of a fuse just lit by an amped-up animated Roadrunner.

Perhaps you disagree.

 Perhaps that doesn’t describe you, not even in the slightest.

If that’s the case, I’ll be honest, that’s awesome and I’m both happy for you and jealous of you, and so you can skip reading this post as you are obviously way more evolved than myself and the rest of us …   However, I digress.

 I am 99% sure that at no point in my near, (or far), distant future will I be admired for the personal  “virtues” that encompass  “patience”,  “grace”, “acceptance” and/or “quiet reflection of thanks”.  I can also pretty much guarantee that any such virtues I may actually have will unfortunately bear no resemblance to those of  say, Mother Theresa’s.


Thus, I’m ashamed to admit..

that my feelings of gratefulness and of thankfulness tend to fall to the wayside.

A LOT.  And on many, MANY, days.

So today – “THANKS-GIVE-ING” DAY …

if you are reading these words and realize your days are eerily similar to mine..

Then, let’s do this together.


Give thanks.

There really is something – somehow, somewhere – to be grateful for.                              Even if you have to start small.  Very small.

For example, I’m grateful that I get to say the word “cornucopia” on Thanksgiving without having anyone look at me like I’ve officially lost my mind. It’s a fun word. I LIKE that word. It’s great that we have it.    COR-N-U-CO-PPPP-IIIIIA .  Try saying it out loud.  The letters roll right off the tongue. Such a fun, yet under-used word!

 See how easy it is to be grateful?

Start small.

Make a daily list.


by Thanksgiving 2015 – let’s see how much our lives have improved

(if anything, at least we will FEEL like they have improved!)

Enjoy tomorrow, have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

(and thank YOU for reading!!)

Cornucopia. Cornucopia 🙂 

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