Life is like a Train


When I was in elementary school, probably 6th or 7th grade, my best friend was Mary Anne. Mary Anne shared with me a golden piece of knowledge that to this day I still reference. Now, she swore up and down that her father made this up himself. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t – but I am sure glad he tought her this lesson so that she could share it with me.
“Life is like a train”, I remember her saying. The rest, I paraphrase- not remembering the exact words.
Life is like a train. Except you don’t know how long the ride will be. It could be a short life that you have, and therefore a short trip. Or quite the opposite, you can be on a very, very long train ride. Now, the people you encounter in your lifetime, they are like the passengers of that train. Some will stay on just long enough to make it to the next stop. Others may stay on for most of the ride. You have to be willing to see life that way. Not everyone will be with you the entire way This may leave you grateful you knew them for the period of time that you did. Other times, you may be sad, for you wished they stayed on just a bit longer, and finally sometimes, you may wish the conductor would just throw that person off your train!
(And P.S. just because someone gets off at one stop doesn’t mean they won’t surprise you and jump back on further down the line!)
You have a destination in life, and the people that make up that ride help define you and give you the experiences you need to become…quite simply… YOU!
So, enjoy the ride, and smile, think of MaryAnne’s story when you need it. It provides sustenance at times when you may need it.

Have a great evening everyone ! (and if someone has heard this before or knows of the true origin, please let me hear your comments!).