Be Resolved about your Resolutions!


So, 2012 is upon us in less than 24 hours.. Each year, it seems many of us decide to either make no resolutions -or make too many unattainable ones – only to have them dissipate by January 10th..
Now yes, not making any resolutions CAN prevent you from becoming disappointed however, it also may stop us from striving to better ourselves.

So what’s a person to do?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
1) It takes 21 days up to 3 months to form a habit.

2) Novelty (of any new routine or anything) wears off completely after only 3 short weeks!!! so plan ahead!

3) Baby steps! I know I have the hardest time with this one… I usually want to start a project or work out for only one day and yet aim to have a completed masterpiece or a whole new body by the very next day….Ain’t gonna happen!!
( It took me 6 long years to put on the extra 40 pounds I want to lose. I won’t lose them in 6 days! ) Don’t get discouraged!

4) Be accountable for the resolutions you are committing to by sharing it with others and letting your friends know of your progress or if you fall off that proverbial wagon!

5) Keep track of things! This year I am going to use a simple monthly planner.

6) Stay motivated!
Only 365 days to go!!


Going to work on my goals and plan out my strategy …. do the same – and let’s make ourselves the best we can possibly be in 2012!!!


Homework Assignment


Hi folks! Tonight’s homework assignment is to think about what our goals and resolutions will be for the upcoming year… and tomorrow, we will devise a set plan of action ! So for tonight, think about what you would like 2012 to reflect, and let these ideas and thoughts simmer and bounce around. Whatever they are, don’t share them with anyone yet… just ponder for now… good luck all and meet you back here tomorrow night!


Who needs sleep anyway??? Apparently, we ALL do..


As the evening flew by as every night seems to do…

I look up to see the time of 11:42 PM and and know that I tend to be EXHAUSTED and craving my bed each and every day         from 6 AM to 6 PM….

From 6 PM till bedtime (not a set time and therein lies the issue)…I work on the “second half of my day” which I’m sure many of you must do … commuting home, making and/or ordering dinner, cleaning, preparing clothes/schedules/list of errands for the next day and playing hide-and-go seek with the never-ending pile of bills & papers.

Now, all these “second-half of day” activities are cutting into your sleep time!

And, for those of us looking to lose weight as part of our New Year’s Resolution..

We are completely sabotaging ourselves!

The article featured in this link “Lose Weight While You Sleep”  from WebMD explains it all .. but simply put .. here are two paragraphs that really stand out to me….

 “When you don’t get enough sleep, it drives leptin levels down, which means you don’t feel as satisfied after you eat. Lack of sleep also causes ghrelin levels to rise, which means your appetite is stimulated, so you want more food,” Breus tells WebMD.”

Those who slept less than eight hours a night not only had lower levels of leptin and higher levels of ghrelin, but they also had a higher level of body fat. What’s more, that level of body fat seemed to correlate with their sleep patterns. Specifically, those who slept the fewest hours per night weighed the most.


Considering I haven’t slept 8 hours a night on a consistent basis in probably..well, YEARS! .. then NO WONDER I’ve put on enough weight to put the Pillsbury Doughboy to shame!

So, on that note, I’ll let you ponder this article and I’m off to hopefully get some beauty sleep AND lose a few pounds!


Heaven Found !!!

Look no further because tonight…. I found HEAVEN!

And heaven on earth is located right on Third Avenue in NYC, can you believe it??

Tonight – dinner was at TEQA located in the  Murray Hill section of Manhattan –

443 3rd Avenue between 30th and 31st Street

And to describe this dinner… There is only one acronym that can be used ….

O M G !!!                                                                                                                               HEAVEN on earth !!!!

If you’re in the vicinity of Third Avenue and 31st Street and enjoy…

        Eating… (or in my case, scarfing down in about 14 minutes flat) delicious Mexican food in an awesomely fun and cozy setting (not too dark and not too bright …the lighting is juuuuust right!), decorated with special boards created exclusively for Teqa by celebrity tattooist PaulieTattoo , attentive and smiling waitstaff, an all around great guy and ever-so nice & pleasant manager ..all the while accompanied by the latest house music (that will make you bounce in your seat!)…

Then you are in the right place!

It all started with an Oaxacan Fondue appetizer of bubbling cheesy goodness, then to one of each of their Global Tacos: Blackened Shrimp (spicy with incredible Cajun salsa), Jalapeno Teriyaki Chicken (the Togarashi pepper gives it the perfect kick), Kurobuta Pork Belly (delicious!!), and finally the BBQ Pork Burnt Ends (my favorite of the 4!)…. The side of their grilled corn dusted in Chili pepper and Cojita cheese was the best corn I have ever eaten (sorry mom!..but at least I ate my veggies!!).. all washed down with their signature Tommy’s Margarita (excellent!)….

Definitely my favorite place by far in a LONG time..

Have a great Tuesday evening everyone!

Let’s start with the basics….

  My favorite martini is one made with Grey Goose vodka…Tried Absolut, Ketel One, Skyy, Svedka and a plethora of others…However, Grey Goose seems to have the smoothest taste… So, without further due……

I present to you the recipe for the Grey Goose Classic Martini



2 parts GREY GOOSE® Vodka
1/2 part NOILLY PRAT® Original French Dry Vermouth
Dash of orange bitters (optional)
Fill a shaker with ice. Add NOILLY PRAT Original French Dry Vermouth. Stir to coat ice and strain out.

Add GREY GOOSE Vodka and bitters, if desired, and stir well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Present with an olive or lemon twist.

Grey Goose Classic Martini